sensors for Mining

Sensors for mining

We manufacture and design optical systems for high temperature industrial processes. Radiometric sensing solutions is a Technology and Science-based Company. Experts in pyrometallurgy measurements.

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Patented Sensors
for smelters

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Some of our clients

Our sensors are able to measure temperature in real time and perform combustion analysis in copper smelters


Digitalization of
pyrometallurgical process main KPIs

Digitization of
pyrometallurgical process

  • Need accurate measurements?

  • Looking for the right tools to measure key aspects of copper smelting?

  • Need to measure temperature or any other attribute?

We design unique sensors for each client /We design unique sensors for each client /

We design unique sensors for each client /We design unique sensors for each client /

We provide

We provide

technical assistance

technical assistance

Applying optical sensors to your problem of monitoring and quality control of pyrometallurgical processes.

Step 1

We install the sensor inside the reactor.  The sensor will capture the radiation from the chemical processes that occur.

Step 2

We apply machine learning algorithms to spectral and physicochemical data of metallurgical processes. Thus generating a series of KPIs.

Step 3

KPIs are delivered to support the decision-making process in operational control. Such as: real-time temperature, chemical composition and build up.

How we work

How we work

1. Let’s have a meeting

Start with an online meeting, so we can understand your needs and objectives. After analyzing travel possibilities we will send you a quote.  Remember we design unique sensors for each client.

2. Planning and manufacture

Our team studies the project to obtain the best customized solution. Start manufacturing the fiber, housing and purchase the equipments in need.

3. Instalation and site visit

Our team of specialists travel to your mining company to install the sensors. Once installed, we regularly monitor for a period of 3 month to ensure the proper functioning of the sensors and deliver the requested KPIs.

Meet our creative staff

/Founding Director

Roberto Parra

PhD. Material Sciences and Metallurgy, France.

/Founding Director

Sergio Torres

PhD. Optical Engineering, USA.

/I+D Advisor

Marcela Angulo

PhD. Environmental Sciences, Chile.


Carlos Toro

PhD. Electrical Engineering, Chile.

Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk

If you have questions or are interested in working with us, please contact us. We will answer any questions briefly.