The problem

Lack of technological solutions in mining

Lack of technological solutions in mining

  • Poor variety of tools to measure copper aspects.

  • Process depends almost 100% in the operator interpretation.

  • Lack of accurate measurements.


We design unique sensors for each smelter

We design unique sensors for each smelter

Data Collection

The developed sensors capture the radiation from the chemical processes that occur inside the reactors. Thanks to the housing specially designed and adapted for specific applications, we are able to create data and share it in real-time.

Data Analysis

This spectral data is correlated with the physicochemistry of metallurgical processes using Machine learning algorithms. Generating a series of KPIs to support the decision-making process in operational control.


The KPIs generated by the Data Analysis algorithms are displayed in our software. Providing relevant information about the process, thus supporting online decision making.


Monitor the temperature in real-time. The temperature can be of the furnance, slag or matte, depending on the location of the sensor. The unit of measurement can be Celsius (°C) or kelvin (°K).

Chemical composition

It’s possible to estimate the composition of slag and matte using  machine learning algorithms.

Build up

Detect irregular fluctuations in the flame. Which can be produced by malformations of the flame or build up.